Winter beach

The great thing about living at the beach is you get to enjoy the moods, colours and patterns of the waves and sand as they change through out the year. The cooler colours of the sea and waters off Mooloolaba beach are enchanting: the shades of greys and sea greens, bluish hues and contrasting white of wave caps and foam.

Walking along the beach during the winter months is special as there are few people, some seagulls and some crabs scuttling around.

Mostly winters bring calmer seas, and the water temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees Celsius. A winter storm brings added excitement with bigger waves to entice the surfers.

We don’t often see surfers waiting for waves at Mooloolaba but occasionally we  see groups of surfers at the northern end of the beach patiently waiting for the right wave during a bout of rough weather. The waves crashing and splashing onto the rocks are impressive with accompanying sound effects of booms and swishes.

It is  interesting to see the number of people who take  the time to enjoy this spectacle of the sea’s power and might.

We’re  able to see the Etchells yachts out racing in June weather. The sight of forty plus yachts scudding across the surface of a  sea is quite something. The wind has a little chill to it but memories of living through nearly twenty Christchurch winters remind us to toughen up!

Some comfort food – preferably something that includes chocolate-, a good coffee or hot chocolate at a café or restaurant watching the sea is great in winter weather.