Nelson Park

Nelson Park is a fifteen minute walk from Northwind Apartments. It is one block back from the Alex Surf Club, stretching between Mari and Okinja Roads, just in front of Sun City Bowls. It was created in 1979 from a parcel of low lying land gifted by the Presbyterian Church and named after Norman Nelson, a founding youth leader of the Presbyterian Church.

The park was re-gazetted in 1989 as a reserve for drainage purposes.

The park is dominated by a large shallow lake with a walkway all the way round. There is a secure fenced sheltered children’s playground with BBQ and picnic shelters. There are two islands in the lake: one has the magnificent “Sisters by Choice” bronze sculpture. This sculpture features a black swan, the emblem of Maroochydore and an egret, the emblem of Xiamen, the Sunshine Coast’s Sister City in China, taking off in flight together to symbolise the Sunshine Coast – China relationship and co-operation. The other island is accessible by a bridge and houses a rotunda.

This park has a variety of bird life including egrets, shags, fantails, pacific black ducks, ibis, coots, dusky swamphens, Australian wood ducks, grebes, Australian darters, black swans and doves.

There is abundant life in the water, too, with eels and barramundi and tadpoles and frogs.

The waterlily leaves float on the surface of the water providing places for water life to hide and for dragon flies to land.