Mooloolaba Jet Boat Experience

The Mooloolaba Jet Boat ride gives passengers a thrilling off-shore experience.  One of only three jetboats in Australia designed purely for offshoore and open ocean conditions, this boat has over 600 horse power delivered through two high power Doen Jets.

This high performance thrill ride includes wave-jumping, jetboat spins, oceanswell surfing, sharp turns and figure eights – in the right conditions the boat even dives under waves.

Passengers are strapped into bucket racing seats with a 4 point racing harness in fully enclosed, air-conditioned cabin.

The jetboat departs from The Wharf,  Parkin Parade, Mooloolaba, twice a day at 11.00am and 1.00pm and each exciting trip lasts for an hour.

Northwind Beachfront Apartment guests are able to watch the jet boat from most apartment balconeys as the boat goes through its paces just off Mooloolaba Beach.

Manager Andrew enjoyed his ride on the jet boat and thinks this is great for those seeking a bit of adventure and of a firm constitution!