Feet first – the benefits of Reflexology

Feet First The benefits of  Foot Reflexology

Feet are to the body what foundations are to a house.  The benefits of reflexology go beyond the feet.They need to be cared for and maintained so as to maintain balance throughout the entire body and stop it from crashing down. For most of us, there is nothing better than a good foot rub and not just because it’s ironing out the tension and stretching out the toes and ligaments, but because its also connecting us with another person through human touch.  This becomes more apparent as we become older, sometimes lonelier and in many instances unable to even reach our own feet to give them the soothing touch we often crave.  Reflexology is a great tool for increasing blood flow and helping to balance the systems of the body, contributing to optimal health.  Whether you are receiving a Reflexology treatment from a trained therapist or simply getting a foot rub from a caring person, the benefits speak for themselves.  Originally used by the Ancient Egyptians to restore good health and balance to the body, reflexology works on reflex areas of the feet that are believed too correspond with organs and structures throughout the body. This is a Guest Blog by Lindsay who is the owner of Aloha Day Spa here in Mooloolaba