Cow-nose rays in Sea life Underwater World Ocean Tank

Cow-nose rays in Sea Life Underwater World Ocean Tank

The cow-nose rays at Sea Life Underwater World are fascinating.. These rays bring the total number of animals in the Mooloolaba attraction’s ocean tank and walk-through to over 1000. The cownose rays were transported by marine experts and then released into their new home in the Bay of Rays zone. The cownose gets it name from its distinctive indented snout, which looks similar to a cow’s nose. They feed on clams, oysters and other invertebrates.

Cownose rays are found in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea from New England in the USA right down to the southernmost part of Brazil’s east coast.

Since it’s  $3.5million refurbishment in 2012 the staff at Sea life Underwater World has been  welcoming many animals into the attraction and have reached over 1000 animals in the tank. They now have 13 cownose rays, which look wonderful as a school gliding through the Bay of Rays.

The cownose rays join the sleek sting rays and the spotty leopard rays to smoothly sail and glide through the seawater tank.

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