Changes at Northwind Beachfront Apartments.

We have had major changes at Northwind Beachfront Apartments. On Monday 28th April, 2014 the team from Thunderbird Demolition arrived before sunrise to remove the arch at the front of Northwind Beachfront apartments . The acrylic sheeting had been badly damaged with hail in November. Inspection of the structure showed sever corrosion as a result of being exposed to the constant se air and it was not safe to replace the sheeting, so it had to be taken away. Repairs were uneconomic so it was good-bye arch.

The arch and its iconic wave shape had been a feature of the Mooloolaba Esplanade frontage for over twelve years and it will be missed.

A new sign has been installed making it easier to identify where we are on Mooloolaba Esplanade

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