Dolphins in the bay and marina

“Is it possible to see too many dolphins and not get excited about it?” The answer is definitely “No”. For the past month we have seen dolphins every afternoon been for a walk along the beach down to the end of the Spit. We are continually delighted when we see them swimming and diving in the waters of the bay just metres from the shore, in the river mouth or in the marina area. Whale One regularly reports seeing pods of dolphins when they are out on their cruises. Coastal Cruises recently saw a juvneile dolphin ‘playing’ in the canals.

There are two pods which are seen regularly: the large pod of bottle nose dolphins has about 20 members. These are larger than the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins which are smaller and behave more quietly than their larger relatives. this pod has about 5 or 6 members. They are often seen at sunset, as they move towards the two river mouths – the Mooloolah River mouth here at Mooloolaba and the Maroochy River mouth at Cotton tree.

They are difficult to photograph as it’s hard to predict where they will come up and how long they will stay visible. Somehow they manage to pop up just in front of the sun to make the job even harder!

Dolphins are often spotted by sailors as they cruise along the coast. Whale watching boat passengers usually see dolphins riding the bow waves. The wonder of watching them do their ‘dolphin work’ nevers ceases to amuse, entertain and enchant.