Window Replacement Project

Window replacement project

On Tuesday 10th December 2013 the last of the replacement windows was fitted and sealed into position, the culmination of four months work by the glaziers from Elite Glass  Services. They were the subcontractors to Gold Coast based company Windowline. This project was a first for Brett, Corey and Luke from Elite Glass Services as all the old windows were removed from the inside of each apartment and all the new windows were fitted from the inside. While it slowed some aspects of the process it meant that the weather did not have a great impact on work progress. It also meant the building could still function while replacement was taking place. Scaffolding would have meant the pool and BBQ areas would have been out of use for several weeks. This process allowed all areas to function with just a couple of hours out of use while old glass came out and another couple of hours out of use as new glass went in.

The old glass was not recyclable so it had to be dumped. This added to the rubbish of an already busy accommodation building so the building manager had to place a bigger priority on rubbish management than usual.

Each apartment presented different challenges for these experienced Sunshine Coast glaziers. They could not tell how much repair work to sills had to be done until they had removed the old windows and frames. Some required very little work before sub-frames could be fitted others took several days to repair and get ready for the subframes.

The new frames are fitted with integral restrictors . This means each window meets health and safety requirements opening no more than 120mm. The laminate used is equivalent to double glazing so the apartments and particularly the bedrooms are much quieter than they were with the old float glass.

Brett, Corey and Luke said they have enjoyed working here at Northwind. They were pleased to have work for an extended period here on the Sunshine Coast. They also enjoyed the views while they worked and took advantage of being so close to a great takeaway bar/ café just next store.